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Why scrub when all you need to do is sanitize !

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PanSaver® is an ovenable panliner which is available in sizing that covers most G/N pans and provides substantial benefits to food operations.
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate "baked-on" and "burnt-on" food from pots and pans
  • Keep food holding temperatures an average of 8ºC warmer then food held in unlined pans
  • Improve food quality, taste and appearance because moisture will stay in your pans
  • Save on water and energy
  • Improve hygiene in your kitchen (PanSaver® complies to all HACCP-standards)
  • Spare your grease trap and sewer system
  • Store your leftovers in an easy way
  • PanSaver® is heat resistant up to 204ºC
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