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PanSaver® Oceania P/L was founded in 2007 by Harald Hendriks, who used to own PanSaver Europe. These 7 years of European PanSaver® experience were so satisfying that he brought the product with him to Oceania.

PanSaver® was launched succesfully through an extensive marketing campaign mainly to the institutional market.

Large Australian distributors (eg. Bidvest) and New Zealand distributors (eg. Crean Foodservices and Packaging House) started selling PanSaver® from mid 2007.

In 2008 PanSaver® introduced Oceania's first Manual Cook & Chill concept.

As PanSaver® Oceania we endeavor to meet, and where possible, exceed the expectations of our customers. All PanSaver® Oceania personnel strive to maintain the company's "Quality First" philosophy.


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