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NEW - Click Here To Download our Interactive Cost Savings Calculator -

or apply these 3 simple steps to your restaurant, institution, or multi-unit operation:

Step 1 - Calculate the cost to scrub a pan:
a. Labor-hourly wage $ 18.00
b. Benefits at 20% $ 3.60
c. Total hourly cost of dishwasher $ 21.60
d. Cost per minute of dishwasher (/60) $ 0.36
e. Cost per pan at 6 minutes per pan $ 2.16

In addition to a better food presentation, research shows that PanSaver® pan liners reduce cleaning time by 95% -- because less food adheres to the pan. This means that the average of 6 minutes to scrub a pan is reduced to just 20 seconds!1

Step 2 - Calculate the per pan savings with PanSaver®
a. Cost per pan using PanSaver® (.333 x 0.36) $ 0.12 per pan
b. Cost of PanSaver® pan liners $ 0.75 per pan
c. Total cost per pan $ 0.87 per pan
d. Total savings per pan ( $2.16 - $0.87 ) $ 1.29

While you might not get excited about savings cents, the value of PanSaver® pan liners increases as your size increases.

Step 3 - Calculate unit and system-wide savings
a. Number of pans per day, times cost savings per pan (50 x $1.29) $ 64.50 per day
b. Annualized daily savings, ($64.50 x 365 days) $ 23,542.50
c. Annualized per unit savings, ($23,542.50 x units):
10 units
$ 235,425.00
20 units
$ 470,850.00

The savings produced by each pan liner amount to more than labor. You can assume that additional savings on hot water, soap, scrubbies, and plumbing problems would follow from using PanSaver® pan liners. You can also assume a higher serving yield from each pan for even more savings.

Cook with PanSaver® and Serve up the Savings!

1 Source: The Culinary Institute of America®

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