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High Temperature (204ºC) PanSaver® Pan Liners are used in food preparation, cooking and holding, to prevent food from "baking-on" and "burning-on" to the pot or pan surface. PanSaver® can also be used for cold storage.

It's this simple:

Apply the fitted size to the appropriate pan. High Temperature PanSaver® Pan Liners are generously cut to afford complete coverage of the food contact areas of the pot or pan. Our new contour fit assures a perfectly sized pan liner that keep food from getting lost in the corners.
1. Place PanSaver® in pan and skirt the outer edge of the pan with the excess material. Skirting will prevent the PanSaver® material from falling into the pan.
2. Place food in the pan on the PanSaver® pan liner.
3. Then bake, cook on a flat-top, roast, microwave, steam, or use in a convection oven.
4. At the end of the night, either discard or store.
Remove and dispose of the pan liner, and your pan needs simply to be sanitized. Or store food in a clean PanSaver® to re-serve the next day.

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