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Can food safety cost less than free?

Langeland Hospital, The Netherlands – Holding temperature evaluations in 2002 prove that food held in pans lined with PanSaver® averages 8ºC warmer than food held in unlined pans. The Restaurant School, Philadelphia, PA – A 2004 study confirms the results.

Dieticians and chefs noted that foods held in lined pans contain more moisture and is of better quality than foods held in the unlined pans. This is attributed to the liners eliminating direct food-to-hot-metal-contact which causes moisture in the food to scald-off and quickly dry-out. It is clear that moisture not only holds flavor, moisture also holds the temperature in food.

At an average price of $0.75 per liner, the costs of enhanced HACCP compliance, surface contamination elimination, and improved food quality can be more than offset by PanSaver® operational savings in time, labor and cleaning supplies.

This is how food safety can be calculated to cost “less than free”.

See for yourself why major institutions and national retail chains use PanSaver® high temperature pan liners to save labor, save supplies, improve food quality, and improve food safety.

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